VR (Virtual Reality) Board Games

Virtual Reality is here. And we cannot deny that the fact it is here to stay. Almost all the games that we play now have a piece of VR in them. Talk of video games, best usa online casinos games, and even board games. Yes, you read that right; we now have VR board games. And just in case you wondering what they are and which VR board games you can play. Well, you are in the right place as we will be more than willing to tell you which VR board games you can enjoy.

What Are VR Board Games?

Like all the other VR games, these are games where you can leave the barriers of the physical world and step into an imaginary world and enjoy your games. While many are still skeptical of VR board game saying that VR has gone a bit too far. Well, all we can say is, if you love the VR board you can enjoy them and ignore what the rest of the world says. Take a lesson form those who play online casino games, the gave criticized their whole loves, but still find to enjoy their online casino games, regardless of what the world says. Visit online casino Australia to learn more about VR casino games.

VR Board Games You Can Enjoy

Table Top Simulator

This is a game with several games in one. Players get the chance to create their own table and board games. The base game has 15 classics that you can enjoy like chess, poker, dominoes to mention but a few.

Quiz Night Tonight

Trivia game shaves always been a joy to play, imagine when they are added into the world of VR. With Quiz Night Show players step into an online game show with thousands of questions on a variety of genres and topics.

Ascension VR

Ascension VR is a game that is fast and easy for players to learn. Step into a realm with endless gameplay that we guarantee you will enjoy.

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Nags Head : What's in a Name? Over the years I’ve received the odd quizzical email as to why the site is called Nags Head? Such messages are almost exclusively from abroad, because, well, if you’re from the United Kingdom you’ll certainly be familiar with the term. Rather amusingly, and unbeknownst to be there is actually a rather pretty looking beach town in North Carolina, US called Nags Head, and so this may be replacement for some of the confusion.

Essentially though, in UK terms ‘Nags Head’ (with a nag being a horse) is used as a popular name for pubs in the UK. You’re likely to have seen a Nags Head pub at some point, likely with a regal looking horse sign outside!¬† Though of course the name itself wasn’t plucked out of thin air and it in fact heralds back to days of old in times of piracy. Legend has it that a look out on land would hang a brightly lit lantern around the neck of a placid horse on shore, and that this would be a guide to pirates to shore along with their various treasures and trinkets.


In modern times though, Nags Head, very much came to prominence due to being the name of the public house in the massively popular BBC1 comedy series Only Fools and Horses, which ran from 1981 – 2003. All of the well known characters of the show, which drew audiences of up to 24 million in its heyday. It’s well known characters Dell Boy, Rodney, Uncle Albert, Boyce, Trigger and co helped contribute towards some of the most iconic moments in UK comedy. Who can forget the bar scene, or that time Dell and Rodney went to the casino and emerged into the bright sunshine of the following day by the time they left. Of course this was pre-internet, long before https://www.choiceonlinecasino.com/casino-games/ and co. Other characters and scenarios such as the Driscoll brothers and Tony Angelina are as funny to think about now as 20 odd years ago.

As the height of the show there was even a show set in the USA, which is quite some way from the shoes Peckham, London roots. It was set in a top USA casino like the aforementioned hilarious UK scene, but instead Miami with all the sunshine, bright lights and mayhem that come along with it! So the next time you see a Nags Head sign, be sure to consider both the history of it, and also how it came to prominence in households around the country. Then do and guy yourself a pint!