Professional Gambler: Chameleon  Professional gamblers are often categorised under one heading. In truth, there are sub categories for each and every sport or game. I once remember hearing about a professional gambler who bet on the weather. I’m not sure if he specialised in betting on White Christmas’, Hurricanes or Tornados but he said he made a profit from his expertise. Personally, I can’t imagine he placed many bets.

To be a good gambler within skill-based sport (you can’t beat fixed odds) you need to be something of a chameleon.

What I mean by chameleon is someone who is in tune with their subject matter. A true reflection of the answer to the question. If the answer is fluorescent tangerine with green spots, guess what, the chameleon changes to match.

In fact, the chameleon can change to any colour.

The Chameleon Professional Gambler is successful because they don’t impose their thoughts, ideas or wishes on a given subject. They don’t bet because they like to bet. They bet because not only is it the right decision but they do so for all the right reasons. They also take advantage of opportunities that tip things in their favour such as a Betfred £50 free bet offer here, or a bet boost there.

A successful gambler watches, listens and learns from the results. The results of any given race are the truth of the matter. And it is your job as a professional gambler to appreciate this fact and understand how this should, and must, direct your efforts, assessment for today and future. The past also helps detail the truth and foretell the future.

The Chameleon changes.

It just turned bright blue.


For example, horse racing. Your opinions should be based on answers to questions. It has nothing to do with your personal preference. You answer to the question (finding winners) is based on previous results. If you try to impose your thoughts without any basis you will lose. It is a blatantly easy approach but at the same time inextricably difficult.


Because so often gamblers lose track of what is important. They fall into old habits which are destructive, their views without objectivity or sense. Ego gets in the way of seeing the truth which stands solemnly before them.

Each and every winner and loser is trying hard to teach you a valuable lesson, if only you listen.

So often gamblers fail to learn. They are steadfast in their life of hard knocks. But they are the creator of their own destiny and often demise.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and asked: ‘What is the answer to the question?’

The Chameleon Professional Gambler knows they are a reflection of the results.

It is the answer to finding winners.

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