Horse Racing Social Media Influencers  In a world of social media the influencer in king.

There seems to be influencer coming from all angles. I just watched a YouTube video about an Ex-Prison Inmate Influencer selling online courses and reputedly making $3M a month. This bloke shouts abuse at people for failing and tells them they are idiots and weak. I get the feeling he should be in prison or most likely will be soon.

The problem with so many influencers is that, unlike say, a Betfred £50 free bet offer, which ‘is what it is’, you only have their word for success and that should be taken with a pinch of salt.

They always say conflict creates drama and I guess that makes for a good marketing campaign.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

I’m not up to speed with horse racing social media influencers to a point where I have an objective opinion. I’m sure you have an idea of one or two in mind but I wouldn’t like to say if they are fake or really do know something about the sport of kings, gambling or have something worth offering. I’m not sure if many in the UK sell anything and perhaps more interested in gaining a following to get a job on mainstream TV.

Many people are convinced these influencers are chancers.

It’s worth noting if you want to be a success you need to bring your followers to the party. Even publishers are looking to sign-up authors who have a large social media following. Clearly these kind of things didn’t happen in the old days. There may have been one of two with a newsletter but nothing reaching the dizzy heights of YouTube channels with millions of subscribers. Only Fans pages, which literally make millions a month. Mostly offering porn or virtual girlfriends. It’s a time of true disillusionment. The influencers, often with no skill beyond a big mouth and emblazoned personality, are now the new expert, when the majority are clearly a novice at heart. Also, they simply don’t give a toss about their subscribers or patrons. Many are without ethics or morals.

They sell a dream that turns into a nightmare.

In the UK, horse racing is a pretty small niche so influencers are not going to capture a giant share of the online market. Perhaps a few known faces have a couple of hundred thousand subscribers. They have put the work in and gained some aspect of fame (if that’s what you would call it). But will the horse racing industry accept more big names via social media platforms? Only time will tell. The gambling industry is a powerhouse with money to burn but it is still a small entity on the global stage. Poker players are probably the most high-profile gamblers on the internet betting vast sums of money and gaining lots of media coverage. The site of a wall of money or a mountain of chips after winning WSOP will always be a dream for many would-be poker players. The problem with so much social media is that there is no real proof of earnings, often little value in courses, coaching or masterminds. Too many no refunds or offers where there is no chance of failure (success is one like on an Instagram photo). I’ll sell you a pyramid scheme and you can sell to all your friends.

The gambling industry has a mix of characters. It seems that the more extreme the character the more likely they are to succeed. We used to consider John McCririck was a controversial character. These days he would look like one of the children from Little House on the Prairie. I’m waiting for the new wave of racing pundit to be hailed as a God from social media. They will have a million subscribers which they bring to ITV Racing. An ex-prisoner who regularly beats up his wife. Tattoos from head to toe. A mouth like a sewer and his airtime will be filled with bleeps and we’ll cheer as he shows his arse every time he tips a winner.

He’ll be the best paid racing pundit on TV.

Instead of being sent packing he’ll be forgiven of all sins. Hailed as a hero by a new generation of punters. Anything will be justified because he’s a money-making machine. He could kill someone and it will be taken as tomfoolery.

He’s started his YouTube channel today. Got his first subscriber. Give him a couple of years and it will be a million.

Watch this space.

His time has come.

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