Luck was on the side of a horse racing fan as he staked a bet of £1 and won a whopping £150k.

We did some digging and noticed a trend… The horses were all number 10 so was actually taking a punt and not making an educated guess. Making bets like this can be worthwhile and definitely  was in this case.  Many punters place multiple bets on games that have great odds, you can find lots of games with great odds on Sportsbet, from the details we have, here is how it went down:

  • The complete £1 bet was staked at 14/1 on the Mandarian Monarch. The net on the 5-fold was for the race at 6.45pm which was held at Tramore.
  • Morrooj at 6/1 followed at 7pm.
  • Chepstow took over the action show alongside Sir Canford clinching the win on 12/1 at 7.30pm.
  • Back to Tramore, Red Vermillion which was placed at 14/1 won by half of a length at 7.45pm.
  • The winning switched back to Chepstow with Das Kapital crowning all the wins with a 14/1 at 8pm.

This earned the punter a mouthwatering €150,000 The total of the winnings rounded off to €151,488.10 Euros.

And now, we bring you the victorious horses that connived to make luck smile on the punter who won himself £150,000 by staking a bet of £1. Here they are:

  •  8pm Chepstow: Das Kapital, 14/1
  • 7.45pm Tramore: Red Vermillion, 14/1
  • 7.30pm Chepstow: Sir Canford, 12/1
  • 7pm Tramore: Morrooj, 6/1
  • 6.45pm Tramore: Mandarian Monarch, 14/1

Jessica O’Reilly, the spokesperson of the bookmaker made a comment to the news reports and she was of the opinion that punters have all different methods of making selections. And that many times it’s as easy as choosing horses by saddlecloth numbers, which has worked wonders on this occasion.


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