'Time next year we'll be millionaires'..  After winning such a huge amount of money, many EuroMillions jackpot winners decide to remain anonymous, and the Weirs certainly considered doing the same, but if no one knew where their funding came from, sharing the blessings with others would be difficult.

With their average incomes, Colin and Chris lived a modest lifestyle during the majority of their marriage in the early 1980s but as a result of their big win, they will have now have savings that will last their entire lives, allowing them to spend as much money as they want – and also have extra for helping others.

In July, 2012, Chris realized that every single number on their EuroMillions ticket matched the results she found online. After calling Colin to double-check, she realized she hadn’t made a mistake. Knowing the fact that everything was going to change overnight, the couple talked about their win all night long.

Taking their winning lottery ticket to the lottery office the next morning, they collected nearly a quarter of a billion dollars – an amount that was unimaginable for them. All the locals ran to the store where the Weirs purchased their ticket after their story was published in the press, so they could try for their own chance at a successful win.

They retired from their jobs after devoting nearly twenty-four years each to their jobs shortly after collecting their fortunes.

They planned to visit China, Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia soon after winning and Colin purchased a box in the soccer stadium in Barcelona after their win. For now, Chris is content with their two-bedroom house in the quaint town of Redstone, but she does dream of building a second home in an exotic location though her heart will always belong to Largs, Scotland, where she and her husband lived in their first house.



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